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Karen Was Able to Raise Her Credit Score Over 100pts and Buy a New Car by Using the Luxurious Credit Guide.

Karen wanted to live a better lifestyle where she no longer had to deal with having challenged credit and wanted access to the finer things good credit ...
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When Is The Right Time To Give Your Child Good Credit

When is the right time to help your child establish credit? Arnita Johnson-Hall of AMB Credit consultants says the sooner the better, as long as they can ...
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7 Ways You Can Help Give Your Bestie Luxurious Credit!

Friendship goals are when you’re able to glow up together and reach goals together! Finances can be a touchy subject in friendships. Even if you financially may ...
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Confessions Of A Debt Collector

I asked a friend who owns a collection agency to give me the tea on how she collect debts. She makes a killing trust me. This year, her ...
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Business Identity Theft Is On The Rise

Everyone talks about personal identity theft but rarely do you hear about business identity theft. Business identity theft is on the rise especially among small businesses! Business ...
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5 Ways Inaccurate Information Can Damage Your Credit

Who said that? Your credit is your reputation. The same way you would protect your personal reputation is the same way you should be with disputing inaccuracies ...
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How To Determine Your True Credit Score

There are three main reasons why your credit scores may vary. Credit information being reported on one credit report and not the other. Ex. You have a ...
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The Real Tea On Credit Card Cash Advances

Imagine taking out a loan against your credit card. That's what a credit card cash advance is. A cash advance allows you to withdraw cash from your ...
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Give Your Friend Some Credit! The Power Of Adding An Authorized User

Now before I get started, I absolutely DO NOT BELIEVE in purchasing tradelines to add to one's credit report. I am however a firm believer in piggybacking ...
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Are You Guilty Of Trying To Keep Up With The Jonses

Trust me, I know it gets tempting and one at some point of life, we have all been guilty of it. Let's face it, social media, society ...
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