How To Write A Dispute Letter That Works

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

When writing an effective dispute letter to the credit bureaus, you must be very specific on what you want the outcome to be. Your dispute letter should not look like an attorney going to trial wrote it. It should be detailed and easy to understand.

It’s the credit bureaus job to ensure your credit report is indeed accurate within accordance of the law. Utilize that right. Make it clear to the credit bureaus that the accuracy of your credit report is no joking matter.

If you want the item deleted, say that. If you want it corrected, say that. If you want it updated, say that. There is a difference between these three.  Make sure your dispute letter is ONE page ONLY and to the point.

Don’t give up on the first round. If you don’t agree with the outcome on the first round, your second round should be a follow up. If the second round doesn’t rule in your favor, the third round should be more stern. Still nothing, send a warning of a complaint and be more aggressive.

That’s about four rounds equaling four months! Be patient! You will WIN!

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