How Toni Was Able to Increase Her Credit Score Over 200pts And Buy A Range Rover With The Help Of Luxurious Credit.

Toni Duclottni is a Serial Entrepreneur who has a love for fashion and believes in women empowerment. Her transparent stories that she shares on her blog House of Haute and willingness to be open and share her life with the world has inspired others to stay motivated in reaching their life goals. When Toni’s credit took a hard dive after a rough divorce, her finances and credit suffered dearly. Her credit score plummeted to the low 500s and she felt that her bad credit downward spiral would never end. Embarrassed about her credit situation but destined to find a way out of her circumstances to live a better life, Toni took matters into her own hands and with the help of the Ultimate Credit Guide to Having Luxurious Credit, she was able to improve her credit reports, increase her credit scores, and purchase a brand new Range Rover!

What was your credit like before improving it?

Just as many people from my childhood community, I wasn’t taught about credit and the significance of it. That’s not a slight to our parents because most of them were never taught either. I started out using good common sense but at 18, there was a lack of wisdom. Even still I managed to build decent credit for my age at the time. Then… I got married. And Then… Divorced.

The divorce was pretty much THE “period” at the end of my credit. My divorce was tumultuous and damaging not only emotionally & spiritually but most certainly financially in terms of my credit worthiness.

My scores settled around a 500. I couldn’t finance a glass of water. I got accustomed to paying for everything with cash, including cars. Despite personally knowing Arnita for over 20 years, I was too embarrassed to reach out and ask for help even though I constantly referred people to AMB and knew how good they were. Having horrible credit really played a number on my confidence as well. Finally I decided to take charge of my situation after seeing self help tips posted on the Luxurious Credit Instagram page.

It was out of the love of supporting my friends in business that made me purchase an armful of Arnita’s “The Ultimate Guide to Having Luxurious Credit” books for myself and family members. It was truly a game changer. It was an education on understanding credit from an entirely different perspective.

The tips I’ve used over the last couple of years from the book and IG posts have positioned me just shy of the 800 club which is something I will achieve within the next 4-5 months now that I have an installment loan back on my credit. (What I’ve learned: Paying cash for everything isn’t as good of an idea as previous generations may have told you it was. It actually hurts your credit.)


My credit is now working for me; not against me.

How was your car buying experience this time around.

I have always dreaded car buying because I felt powerless and at the mercy of the dealerships and finance companies/banks. Literally it was like 10 hours of begging and jumping through hoops just to get a really bad loan.

My, my, how things have changed! I wasn’t even in the market for a new car because I didn’t want a car note after being used to paying cash for everything.

I had a really nice 2015 high end car that I loved but the warranty was about to expire in about 1200 miles. After learning that an extended warranty would cost $10K (yes, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS; omg) for a depreciating asset, I opted to part ways.

So I picked a car out (and a couple backups), called a dealership and for the first time felt totally in control. I told them what I was going to pay and not to waste my time because there was going to be no negotiating. Either they can do it or they can’t and I’ll find something else from somewhere else.

They sent me a list of inventory that fit within my parameters and then I scheduled an appointment to test drive the ones I liked.

I literally spent more time test driving and looking at/deciding on options than I did doing paperwork. I was there about an hour and 15 mins tops. I didn’t have to provide any financial information whatsoever outside of verbally telling them my annual income.

Today RRover (two Rs for Range Rover) and I are living our best lives together. Lol 🙂

What an amazing story! Due to you being a Serial Entrepreneur and having a passion to helps others, do you have anything coming up?

I have a new book coming out soon called, “The Business of Starting a Business”, it’s a comprehensive guide outlining everything you should know and do before launching a successful business. I also have a nonprofit organization called Dorcas.House, to help with aiding and feeding the homeless.

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