I Wrote This Dispute Letter To Get a Shady Debt Collector Off My Back!


Anyone who knows my story knows that I have suffered with having bad credit and it took me years to get it back on track. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons since then and I promised myself that I would never mess my credit up again. Although I have made this vow to myself, it hasn’t stopped the shady practices of debt collectors trying to ruin my good credit reputation and my credit report. I am willing to bet that the same thing has been happening to you too.

It all started when I received an alert from my credit monitoring service that my credit score had dropped 37pts because a collection account was placed on it. I was upset and I wanted answers!

I had never ever heard of this collection agency before nor had I received anything in the mail from them. I immediately looked up this collection agency and reached out to them and DEMANDED they legally provide documentation that I indeed owed them.

Later on that week, I received a letter from them claiming that I owed them money for toll fees and that was absolutely not true and bogus!

Thank God for the Luxurious Credit Guide! I was able to quickly respond to this shady collection agency and dispute the collection account with them and the credit bureaus!



After a month of going back and forth, the collection agency could not prove that I owed the debt, they also removed the collection account from my credit report and ceased all collection activities. I gained my 37pts back to my score once the collection account was removed. It was a Victory!

This is why it is important to monitor your credit and have the Luxurious Credit Guide handy.

These collection agencies are shady and you MUST BE ABLE TO ACT FAST when dealing with them! They don’t expect you to know the law, and that’s why I created the Luxurious Credit Guide so that you’ll be able to FIGHT BACK when dealing with them!

Here are 5 Luxurious Tips when dealing with debt collectors!

  1. Never Ignore Debt Collector Calls: Debt Collector calls are so annoying and most of the time when we get them, we either hang up in their face or block them. Don’t do that! Answer their calls so that you can investigate what debt that they are claiming you owe.
  2. Limit the Personal Information You Provide: If a debt collector is asking you for information in regards to a debt that they claim you owe, that’s a red flag that perhaps they don’t have any information to provide you hence meaning they probably can’t prove that you even owe the debt. If you supposedly owe them like they say, they should have all of the legal documentation to validate the debt further proving that you owe them. Majority of debt collectors cannot validate the debt within accordance of the law so they try to get as much information out of you as possible to connect you to the debt.
  3. Request Debt Validation: Debt Validation is your legal right to request information from a collection agency to enforce that you are the correct person they are attempting to collect the debt from and that they indeed have a legal right to collect the debt from you.
  4. Communicate in Writing ONLY: If your first initial contact with a collection agency is over the phone, make sure that the call is straight to the point with limited information provided by you as much as possible. Then inform the collection agency that moving forward, you’d like to communicate with them via postal mail only. Remember, when a debt collector has you on the phone, their job is to collect the debt BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! So that there won’t be any miscommunication, inform the debt collector that going forward, you will be communicating with them via post mail only.
  5.  Do not incriminate Yourself: Never admit to a debt with a collection agency especially if you aren’t even sure that you indeed owe them. Admitting to a debt, setting up a payment arrangement, and even asking for a pay for deletion can possibly incriminate you and may even bind you to debt! It is the job of the collection agency to prove that you owe them, not the other way around.

All of the information I have shared with you is in the Luxurious Credit Guide. There are also other sample dispute letters in there that are sure to work and will better help you with communicating with the credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors.

Remember earlier when I was telling you about the horrible shady debt collector and horrible run in with them, well below is the so called collection letter they sent me. Below is also the dispute letter I used to successfully get them to remove the debt from my credit report and cease all collection activities. Feel free to use the letter as you wish but use your own words. Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. This is my own personal experience with a debt collector and how I successfully beat them at their own game.










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