Karen Was Able to Raise Her Credit Score Over 100pts and Buy a New Car by Using the Luxurious Credit Guide.

Karen wanted to live a better lifestyle where she no longer had to deal with having challenged credit and wanted access to the finer things good credit has to offer therefore, she knew there had to be change. She’d been following Luxurious Credit on Instagram and decided that she wanted to enroll with AMB Credit Consultants, however, joining the program didn’t fit her budget at the time so she decided to do the next best thing, buy the Luxurious Credit Guide to help with improving her credit.

Karen’s credit journey began with a credit score so low that she said she doesn’t remember what the exact score was. What she does remember however is, due to her credit being so damaged, she couldn’t get anything in her name at one point.

Last year she went to purchase a car with a 550 credit score and due to her poor credit, she had to finance the car at a 13% interest rate.

Due to the car buying experience Karen faced with having challenged credit, she was even more destined to improve her credit score.

Fast forward to a year later, Karen was excited to share that thanks to the Luxurious Credit Guide, she was able to raise her credit over 100pts.

This time around Karen went to purchase another vehicle and the experience was very different.

Karen enthusiastically shared her car buying experience this time around and said, “I was able to negotiate my price and walked away with a 0.9% APR. I almost fell out of my chair. I thought they were joking.”

Karen said that her credit score is currently a 666 and she has one collection account left on her credit report sand hopefully with the continuous use of the Luxurious Credit Guide she will successfully be able to get it removed because her next goal is to purchase a home.

You can purchase the Luxurious Credit Guide to help you improve your credit here.

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