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Business Identity Theft Is On The Rise

Everyone talks about personal identity theft but rarely do you hear about business identity theft. Business identity theft is on the ...
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5 Ways Inaccurate Information Can Damage Your Credit

Who said that? Your credit is your reputation. The same way you would protect your personal reputation is the same way ...
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How To Determine Your True Credit Score

There are three main reasons why your credit scores may vary. Credit information being reported on one credit report and not ...
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The Real Tea On Credit Card Cash Advances

Imagine taking out a loan against your credit card. That's what a credit card cash advance is. A cash advance allows ...
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Give Your Friend Some Credit! The Power Of Adding An Authorized User

Now before I get started, I absolutely DO NOT BELIEVE in purchasing tradelines to add to one's credit report. I am ...
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Are You Guilty Of Trying To Keep Up With The Jonses

Trust me, I know it gets tempting and one at some point of life, we have all been guilty of it. ...
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Anything A Credit Repair Company Can Do, You Can Do Yourself

Isn't that exciting?!! Any thing a credit repair company can do, you can do yourself. That is why I published the ...
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The Truth Is, You Can’t Do Much With Bad Credit

There was a time when we could live without credit but technology and collecting of data world soon took over that. ...
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How To Write A Dispute Letter That Works

It's not what you say, it's how you say it! When writing an effective dispute letter to the credit bureaus, you ...
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