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At Luxurious Credit Repair we’ll work with you step by step on how to not only improve your credit by analyzing your credit report and helping you to remove the inaccurate marks that are impacting your credit score, but we’ll show you how to budget yourself to make sure you keep your score up.


Credit Report Audit & Consultation Service

While the personal information reporting on your credit reports, such as your name, address, etc., may not affect your credit score as you may know it, it can still hurt you. How? Because individuals with certain patterns of data on their credit reports are grouped together by the credit bureaus and placed on what are called “score cards”.


Dispute Resolution Services

Did you know that there are more than 26 parts of an account that all must be reporting 100% complete, accurate, and verifiable? If any of these 26 parts are inaccurate, unverifiable, misleading, obsolete, or even questionable, then you have the right to dispute the account.



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