The Truth Is, You Can’t Do Much With Bad Credit

There was a time when we could live without credit but technology and collecting of data world soon took over that. If you think creditors and credit bureaus are only interested in your credit, think again! They are interested in your habits!

It’s about collecting data and predictions! Predicting how you spend money, predicting how much can be loaned to you and your willingness to pay it back. Your credit data just isn’t based upon what you do, but upon people who share the same characteristics and credit habits as you too.

Ever find it funny how credit determines your responsibility? Why do you have to pass a credit check to prove your work ethics? Your resume, degree, references, and experience isn’t good enough?

Why run your credit to rent a car? Your drivers license and insurance isn’t good enough?

Why is your credit a determining factor to get auto insurance? Your driving record isn’t good enough?

Why is your credit ran to rent an apartment? Back in the day, your previous rental history and a few references were just fine.

You see, it’s not just about having good credit, it’s about building credibility on paper.

Try buying a house with bad credit, try buying a car with bad credit, try starting a business with bad credit, try starting a career with bad credit. Good credit can save you so much money and open so many doors.

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