What Would You Do With $100K in Business Funding?: How I Was Able to Get Approved for $100k in Business Capital!

Like most business owners and entrepreneurs, I started with what I had, which was roughly $200 at that time. I had always heard about business credit, but I honestly thought that the only business owners who could get approved were the ones who were already successful in their business.

So, I did what most entrepreneurs and business owners do when they start a business: USE THEIR PERSONAL ASSETS. My credit wasn’t that great, but I had a few credit cards that had credit limits of about $2,000 so I began to use my personal credit to fund my business.

Several maxed out credit cards, numerous inquiries, and a 100 point credit score decrease later, I decided to apply for business credit. What did I have to lose?

After much surfing the internet and studying, I realized that business credit wasn’t just for large businesses. In fact, business credit was for any business that qualified for it.

I began applying for business credit, but I found myself discouraged and disappointed due to being continuously turned down and denied. I didn’t understand it. Why was my business being turned down? What was I doing wrong?

That’s when it dunned on me…I was so busy applying for business credit just because I had a business name that I didn’t take out the time to establish and strengthen my business profile.

I’m sure you have experienced too. There is always talk about how to “apply” for business credit but what information is out there telling us how to “establish” a business credit profile so that we can actually get APPROVED for business credit?!

That was the missing piece to the puzzle. Once I began to establish and strengthen my business profile, I found it much easier for my business to get APPROVED for business credit.

Once I was able to get business credit, I was able to fund and grow my business with the money I received from business lenders and vendors and I no longer had to rely on my personal credit. I was also able to focus on growing my business instead of worrying about funding it.

To date, my business has good credit scores, a good business report, and good business relationships with lenders and vendors. This is all with the help of establishing a strong business profile!

And that’s honestly what made me write “Get the Business: The Ultimate Business Guide For Entrepreneurs”, a step by step guide to help entrepreneurs build a strong, attractive business profile for any business!

It does not matter if it’s an online boutique, brick and mortar! “Get the Business: The Ultimate Business Guide For Entrepreneurs” will increase small businesses chance of getting approved for business credit and allow them access to the capital needed to Get the Business, scale and succeed!

The Get the Business: The Ultimate Business Guide For Entrepreneurs is available for pre-sale at www.LuxuriousCredit.com


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